YouTube Can Delete Channel Any Time For Any Reason

YouTube recently deleted The Linux Experiment channel. What caused the deletion? Only YouTube knows and good luck getting any information from anyone at YouTube. But increasingly, this is happening more and more. Large channels are getting deleted, either for minor violations, or sometimes for no reason at all. Maybe it’s time to explore alternative video platforms…like Odysee!


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36 thoughts on “YouTube Can Delete Channel Any Time For Any Reason

  1. The problem is too many videos going up. Youtube is too big, they need competition. They can't have a employee look at ever channel that is flagged. The sad thing is no one can compete because of the algorithms that youbute has made, to be able to make a site that is as big as youtube there has to be a lot of work done there.

    You could also just backup all your videos on HDs and then upload somewhere else if they are killed on youtube. Tons of space, sure, but not that bad if you aren't putting up multi hour long gameplay videos up. Youtube is a nice place to hold terabytes and terabytes of video but when it's gone it is gone.

  2. >not a free speech issue, YouTube is a private Company you have to play by their rules
    Sorry, it doesn't work like that. The law comes first. These are policies that clearly abuse their customers and employees. Discrimination laws are still in effect. No company should refuse you a product simply because of the colour of your skin or what you believe.

  3. Not too long ago, my entire channel was taken down for a day or two. After a few days, my channel was of course reinstated, with a few of my videos taken down, for who knows why…

    Am I "monetized"? No. How much faith do I have regarding YouTube? Very little.

    YouTube is an enigma. 🤷‍♂️

  4. I really like odyssey, but I have two major problems with it besides some missing features:
    1. It buffers a lot for me, cant watch a vid half of the time
    2. It feels really cluttered and 90% of the content I see on a page really are not interesting.

  5. Peertube, Owncast, LBRY, Odyssey, Rumble, Vimeo, Bitchute, selfhosted public NAS.
    Lots of options people.
    Also, it's "muh private company" is not a catch-all for "they can do whatever they want"
    Laws can be written giving protection to individual rights, standards of practice, and public Commons, etc.
    Being canceled without representation is unfair, censorship is un-American, and unregulated algorithm use can be abusive.
    Could be considered public health concern, and national security interests.
    If you use public telecommunications equipment and do business license in the United States, you could be made to comply.
    All algorithms ought to be published, and censoring and canceling folks without allowing them representation to appeal, is a violation of their right of access to information and of speech.
    If you cannot respect American citizens right to choose and to speak fairly and freely, then you cannot do business in America. Simple as that.
    The hard part is getting your representative to understand the technicalities to get these changes done in a legal framework.

  6. I'm not a video creator but there is one thing I want to add. If you're a creator, store all your videos on your own dedicated hard drives. It's simple as that, then you can reupload all your videos on another platform or even on your own website. That way you're not depend on youtube to store and save your videos.

  7. Yep. All kinds of strange stuff been going on for two years.
    Many video rebroadcast news.
    Xp error noises ect.
    I'm not ruling out.
    People purposely spreading garbage on a new kind of hack.
    So idk?

  8. Nick is back up but it's time to send Youtube to the annals of history , youtube has gone mad and is unsavable , DT and the Linux Experiment + Anthony at LTT are my main sources of Linux news . DT ROCKS !!!

  9. What is the prediciton for Odysee ? Is it gonna ever recover ? Cause if it will it would be a great opportunity to buy lbc and have a 5star channel also you could support your own videos so they will be on top so everyone can click them.

  10. The reason I don't use youtube alternatives a lot is that it's just a pain. I wanted to code some kind of website and app to manage subscriptions in different decentralized websites including youtube, but I don't really have time for a project like this that would probably fail. I hope someone will come up with a solution. It seems that libry is the closest alternative, but it would be like a YB replacement. Maybe a project like this already exists and it just needs to grow, something like a subscription manager. EDIT: but anyway today, YB alternatives are really good for backup and for subjects that are banned or heavily restricted, like guns and Alex Jones kind of stuff. Maybe that's why YB still allows guns, it's better for them to keep gun channels under control while banning some of them, so the remaining creators have to self censor.

  11. I disagree. I think one has to live with decency, justice, fairness and honour. Not by secret rules or arbitrary decisions. Fact – YouTube makes money off the back of the creators. How did they attract them? What is the contract? If it is in there that they can do this sort of thing, destroy a person's livelihood and work, with zero just reason and not even an explanation – a Congress or Parliament worth its salt would make such illegal. Clear policy must be set, clear recourse be made available and total transparency all the way. Anything less than that is clearly wrong. The "we're a private company" is a Red Herring.

  12. I agree with you, your argument with cost of unmonetized channel is interesting and I never heard that one.
    However, in my humble opinion, I would dare to disagree with the "my own house" argument for two reasons:
    – first, youtube is a shop in market place and
    – second, we in Europe know from last century why is not a good idea to silence people because of opinions.

    I also belive, that US has also experience with banning certain people from services on free will of owner. Maybe, the real lesson awaits. We had few in Europe already, although I admit, that lesson was not learned.

  13. Thanks for this. I'm syncing my YouTube to Odysee as I type this. It's a storm chasing channel but who knows, since I have a very small following and I'm not making them money, my channel might get deleted soon. Much appreciated.

    On a side note, you mentioned you are in Louisiana (unless I heard that wrong). If you are, did you have any problems during Ida? I'm in south central Louisiana around Lafayette and missed it. Have a good one and keep up the outstanding work.

  14. DT I think you should add value to the odysee channel by releasing your videos a few hours before they go up on yt or something like that. I know that that would be extra work but it could also draw more attention to odysee.

  15. It's called "fraud."
    Noun: A deception practiced in order to induce another to give up possession of property or surrender a right.
    You're providing intellectual property to Youtube, for Youtube's benefit, expecting that Youtube upholds their promise of delivering your property to people that want to consume it, and to pay you a share of ads they run on it. Yet, Youtube repeatedly falsely accuses content creators of violating the agreed rules to avoid paying them.
    It's fraud. It's criminal.

  16. Something to note about migrating to Odysee as a creator. They require you meet certain requirements before they will mirror your videos over. I forget exactly what they are but my art channel very small didn't qualify so if I upload there I'll have to do it manually.

  17. Didn't know about Odysee and I do believe this is going to be a coin on its edge, but with Youtube treating its creators like this and upping the ads continuously…
    Perhaps there is a future in a blockchain content platform.

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