why Valve have been working on Linux support

So it Valve have hinted at why they have supported Linux, and it’s kinda no that i thought.

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5 thoughts on “why Valve have been working on Linux support

  1. Are we gonna ignore the steam machine and steamOS regarding this subject?
    Steam has already tried to make custome console machines. It pretty much flopped.
    Do we really believe that people will buy a handheld system when steam has such a track record?
    Personally I think it would be safer to support and expand the linux ecosystem and only go handheld when games run smooth on proton. If games run smooth on linux / proton it will be easier to sell the handheld system + the linux marketshare (if it grows) could be used as a deterrent if windows does any anticompetitive shenanigans.

  2. They won't use a ARM cpu due to they would have to start over trying get that to work well, and leave out games that never run on a arm cpu well. They mostly going with AMD how much work they did with AMD drivers, and AMD APU is a top class APU atm. Until intel works out their bugs on their apu. + AMD working up scale for a small screen, it may not even see much of the bad part on up scaling a game from 480p to 1080p. At the end their big companies they need to bring in money to support it, even if the console failed, they still have people buying games on linux and it's can go right in to dev that still working on getting games working on linux better.

  3. I'm not a dev or a programmer, but won't the kernel team be the main people developing drivers for different hardware? The challenge with games is getting the translation optimized, which I would think doesn't have a lot to do with hardware, more about launchers, drm, anticheat, pressure vessels etc. All the work seems very device agnostic. I think we can be pretty sure it's going to be an AMD Apu given valve wrote the ACO shader compiler which improved my performance so much on gcn cards. Most Linux gamers should be running AMD or Intel gpu's since Nvidia doesn't love us. As long as the architecture is the same, we should see the benefits of valve's work, regardless of whether it's 20 compute units of 80. Intel and Nvidia might be a bit underserved, we'll see. At the end of the day, valve just wants their 30% cut of sales, and they are creating a new market to dominate. This handheld could lead to a lot of people installing UBuntu steam or whatever it is on pc's, which will cut out most of the competition. I think a lot of gamers will be super happy to dump windows as soon as it's convenient.

  4. Nothing new about companies trying to make money, developing for their own purposes. I don't see a big problem with it either. If the device is successful, I'm hoping it will lead to improved support.

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