"Why Debian?"

Let’s have a quick talk about Debian.

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7 thoughts on “"Why Debian?"

  1. I attended many Linux events many universities around glob. I have noticed most high skilled Linux developers using Ubuntu and they keep distance from Debian. In my uni – For server Ubuntu. For desktop: Ubuntu. Do u wants things worked on whatever hardware you have then Ubuntu worked on new-old HW/SW without bla bla bla. Ubuntu is made for people who want work done e.g. pro-video editors , gamers, movie-makers, NASA, Programmers, developers,, average users . Why Ubuntu Why not Debian? My answer is Ubuntu community are friendly and welling to help users, Canonical the company is great and Canonical respect the users Freedom and Liberty to choose Nvidia, or AMD, or new wifi cars…etc. Canonical built respected and bridges with Nvidia, AMD, DELL..etc. Why not Debian? simply because Debian is more interested in building walls and boxes to locked up Debian users inside the Debian box and let them live 1940s therefore when they live for long time inside Debian box they will become a brain washed and have a mental issues and they will had bad smell and they always blame the others for them faults (Classic Debian).

  2. If you want Debian to be more similar to Ubuntu, during install cancel/skip the root account creation and it will configure sudo for you and disable root. Also Debian has unofficial ISO with non-free firmware. If you have troublesome hardware use that instead of the official image. If you already downloaded the official ISO download the firmware archive from their website and make a /firmware folder on your external USB storage device. I saw you logged in as root and I wanted to share this tip.

    Debian 10 also supports secure boot, so Debian should work on the majority of computers out there. There is also an official backports repository if you want newer packages, although Debian recommends to use it for software you really need the newest version for, not just because "I want the newest version".
    As for systemd, just do apt remove systemd apt install sysvinit and you will have sysvinit. Of course systemd will be used elsewhere, just not at startup.

    I almost feel like ubuntu is obsolete, Debian has improved so much in recent years, it's just as user friendly as ubuntu.
    You can also use synaptic package manager to update debian. 🙂

  3. Debian has a social contract and policies that respect the users. Even the systemd debate was out in the open and they just did another reaffirmation vote on init systems (no surprise, systemd won again). There is no company to hate, only a democratic process among developers. Debian has all the software you could need, in different stages of testing and the user has complete control. And, it doesn't change, it just works.

  4. It's quite simple…
    apart from the fact that it just works…apart from the fact that it won't break unless you break it on purpose…
    …different people like different things. With some people, Debian just clicks with them.
    …regardless whether "someone" says that distros don't matter. :p

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