What’s The Most Underated Linux Distro? | Destination Linux 237

This week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re discussing what’s the most underrated distro in Linux? Then we’re going to cover the amazingly awesome and repairable Framework Laptop. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux. So whether you’re brand new to Linux and open source or a guru of sudo. This is the podcast for you.

Full Show Notes (for links and such)

237: What’s The Most Underated Linux Distro?

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Full Show Notes (for links and such)

237: What’s The Most Underated Linux Distro?

00:00:00 = Welcome to DL 237
00:00:38 = Announcement: DLN MEGAFest on Sunday August 22nd
00:01:14 = Community Feedback on Garuda Linux
00:04:04 = How To Send Us Feedback
00:04:21 = Digital Ocean: Managed MongoDB ( https://do.co/dln-mongo )
00:05:27 = Most Underrated Linux Distros
00:10:34 = Deep Dive into openSUSE Is It Most Underrated?
00:11:13 = Nate from DLN Xtend Joins Us
00:46:07 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( https://bitwarden.com/dln )
00:47:44 = Framework Right to Repair Laptop
00:57:30 = Valve Releases Big Improvements for Steam on Linux
01:01:10 = Software Spotlight: Fedora Media Writer
01:03:30 = Tip of the Week: & / nohup / screen
01:05:57 = Linux Community Events: openSUSE Asia Summit & Nest with Fedora
01:07:25 = Outro
01:09:00 = Surprise Guest Joined the Patron Post Show

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14 thoughts on “What’s The Most Underated Linux Distro? | Destination Linux 237

  1. The Dragonized Version of Garuda Linux has a really neat feature. It is in the Dolphin File Manager. When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail in the file browser, you get a slightly larger pop-up with more information about the file. If it is a jpeg image, you get a slightly larger thumbnail and the complete exif data. You do not have to click anthing, just hover. I have made a list of the Dolphin plug-ins and compared it to other Dolphin file managers and can find no difference. I have asked at the Garuda Forums and their chat page. I have posted questions on other linux forums, like Linuxquestions, etc. I have asked at our local Linux club. No one has given the answer. I would like to know what they did to this Dolphin browser to get that to work. I would like to use it on other distros I use that use the Dolphin file manager. I have a desktop computer with 4 hard drives and a hard drive switch. To date I have "hopped" through 287 Linux distros. I change distros often, but try to keep one stable. The last hard drive is windoze for when an app only works in windoze, like "Overdrive" for library downloads, etc. Can anyone figure out what was changed in this version? The other Garuda distros do not have this feature, only the Dragonized.

  2. Although perhaps not the "most" underrated distro, I would say that Solus is highly underrated. You only hear about it when they put out a new release of the distro and then you hear nothing. I've got it running on a 10 year old dual core AMD Turion II based Toshiba laptop and it runs great! The latest release 4.3 of Solus is just awesome and while their software center isn't as fully packed as let's say the gnome software center, do keep in mind that Snap and Flatpak support is included with Solus. For such a tiny dev team, they consistently release a very stable, fast and beautiful Linux distro (that is Solus).

  3. well manjaro i wouldn't say is underrated due to the fact its hitting the steam charts and its actually the #2 distro on there.pop os is also on the charts and is gaining some major traction.

  4. openSUSE is great but I've had a lot of issues with RPM support and I've found software availability lacking once you leave the beaten path.

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