What Your Apex Legend says about you #apexlegends #apex #apeegendsclips #apexlegendsmemes l

20 thoughts on “What Your Apex Legend says about you #apexlegends #apex #apeegendsclips #apexlegendsmemes l

  1. I’m a crypto main. I do not own a fedora nor a neck beard I am pretty good at apex I understand that this is satire and therefore

    I have wasted your time by scrolling to the bottom. Goodbye 😁

  2. My guy, crypto can be one of the strongest legends if used correctly, he counters every defense legend, he can scan super far, tell how many squads are near so you can decide to push or not, something tells me you either suck with him or you don’t have good teammates. Most likely both

  3. Its what you think cryptos are half the time i know you've never had one on your team if you did you would be smart enough to know that his emp only takes bars off his shiled and only stuns and when it comes to your main your probably gonna say good things about them oh i think I've figured it out you get outplayed by cryptos half the time lmao

  4. How about you stop complaining and get a better crypto as your teammate? Crypto is one of the best legends if anyone with a shred of common sense uses him. Anyone who does any of this is not a crypto main. They're a failure.

  5. I do all of things you said they don’t do also i hide around rocks crouch real quick or use my drone as bait over rocks quickly and i also make sure my team isn’t close to my emp then before destroyed i mark were i last seen them so they all can go to that simple area and task to follow with out following it cause my team might push a little closer since they know where everyone is then its most likely known that if the enemy team doesn’t know where my team is at they will feel trapped and not no which way to go which means that they will stand in the area for a while

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