What is new in making Packagers happy? – DevConf.cz Mini | June 2022

Speaker: Frantisek Zatloukal

Fedora Packager Dashboard is a web application aiming to make the life of Fedora packagers easier. It combines data from multiple sources (bugzilla, bodhi, koschei,…) relevant to the maintainers of Fedora packages.

Tracking all these sites can be time consuming, especially if you maintain dozens of different packages, so the Dashboard provides everything you need (or at least what we’ve thought of) – condensed, cached, searchable and filterable on one page.

We have managed to add some pretty nifty features, and not all of them in the background.

Come to see the new custom (multi-user, multi-group, you name it) dashboard, take a look at our API to find out anything about any Fedora package or packager, and talk to us about what’s next!


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