VPNs You Can Buy on The Darknet

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A few VPNs that you can buy off of the darknet.








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35 thoughts on “VPNs You Can Buy on The Darknet

  1. This video is both good and bad, good where you show whats there, but you cannot really trust a vpn you don't run yourself, sorry. This could also be ran by lots of 3 letter agencies obviously.

  2. Yeah just keep researching how to do it for years, and build up your darknet arsenal of opsec and keyboard shortcuts, eventually start to surf the deep web DOOM sites and funny ironic drug forums, Nah we arent paying attention! Psh, you kidding, keep lists? Who needs em? We definitely dont log any sort of lists or categories of offenders anywhere, trust me! You can beat us, you can become ANONYMOUS.

  3. Never bought VPN from Njalla but the domain registrar side is very good, can pay with many different cryptos and till now they've always registered on time!

  4. 8:17 it's not the payment screen, it's the screen to manager referrals. in order to purchase vpn server you should follow the second link in the left menu. anyway, if website owner doesn't care about users I'll not use such a site

  5. The police can request ISPs logged traffic in different countries. I'm assuming that if you have 4-5 VPNs in different countries doing this will buy you a lot of time before going to jail, if they ever catch you.
    I'm unsure if VPNs send purely encrypted data that "just goes from this server to point B" or if they can log where the request is coming from (i.e. if they log "Google -> VPN -> Your home" or just "Google -> VPN" and then in another packet "VPN -> Your home".
    If all they can read is the second case, which is how sockets work and probably how they work, then they will just have a hell of a time doing it with one VPN, and two (if very populated) would be hell on earth…

  6. VPN chaining with the same hoster is such a retarded idea, hahaha. "Oh no, we, the evil three letter agency, would have to subpoena the provider for four connections instead of just one, those damn hackers fooled us again!"

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