Void Linux – A Distro You Really Should Try

Void Linux is one of my go to distros, but it’s another OS that doesn’t get as much love as it deserves, and I feel that many Linux users could be missing out on a great experience.

In this video I run through a basic installation using the XFCE desktop and then move on to discuss package management, with a particular focus on using the Void packages source tree.

I demonstrate a few simple examples including patching libXft for colour emojis using Void packages.

I really hope you enjoy using this distro as much as me and at least give it a spin to see for yourself why I’m so impressed.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Void Linux – A Distro You Really Should Try

  1. Void is interesting and offers many advantages. However, the void-packages system seems cumbersome and is in no way a substitute for the AUR. I suspect this will hold many users back.

  2. I did a void minimal install with i3. It took a lot of work, but the result is definitely worth it.
    The subject of the install was a 2015 budget-model dell inspiron 15 (worth around $300 at the time). Boot time is literally 20 seconds.

  3. Thanks for making this video and putting in the extra time to go beyond just making yet another "installer review". Some of the functionality which you covered in regard to xbps was very informative and helped me understand what some of the xtools-commands are actually doing. Please do not edit/eliminate your mistakes, typing or otherwise, it adds to the uniqueness of the content and helps to bring focus on what you are attempting to achieve.

  4. Luv checking out new distros, yet today I have decided to make Manjaro one of my main distros for my gaming computer, etc. Used to love Arch waaaaay over a decade ago…so I want to go with the beefiest best user rated version of such…coming from Voyager Ubuntu (#55 distrowatch) WHICH WAS CLOSE to perfect, just that that WONKY ubuntu 21.10 release fudged up it's near perfection!

  5. I am on Void for nearly a year now. I am running KDE on top of a base network install, it is fast, easy and reliable. In other words, it is boring, in a positive way, cause it "just works", something I never experienced on any other Linux distro before.

  6. Love void have it on my desktop and arch on laptop. Only downside of void I've experienced is trying to use Cuda/ nvidia for video rendering. Might move the laptop over to void soon too.

  7. Thx for review, ii was testing for few times in past 2 years, eveolving quick, the missing of some packages keeps me on Artix also runit, Void is just more …. The most stable and quick linux system

  8. Void is by far the best binary distribution I ever used. It is just highly stable rolling distro unlike arch linux. But arch linux has more packages available in the repos as well as aur which is the only positive going for it. If someone is comfortable with compiling certain non mainstream applications manually then void is the best binary distribution one can get.

  9. awesome, thx for the xbps-src stuff, i always wanted to checkout this more, couldn't really get my head wrapped arround it, just watching the whole process through helps a lot to get a glimpse
    i also appreciate you leaving the little mistakes in the video, it helps to figure out stuff if we run into same errors like that
    oh and you once wondered why you like void so much. it's because it is so clean. it very dumbly just does what you command it to do and only that. all other distros, even arch, at certain points help you or take assumptions on you, preconfigure stuff, put on themes etc… and void doesn't do that, it doesn't step out of the way, but it forces you to think about stuff, you never have the feeling there's something going on behind the scenes, if you install xfce, you get an xfce, vanilla, not more not less and although this can be an absolute hassle to new users, for someone who like to tinker arround and actually need like you said a blank canvas that is really relaxing, you always know what your system is about
    great video

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