Ubuntu is still Ubuntu

Is Ubuntu not Ubuntu anymore, have Ubuntu always been Ubuntu, did we even have a Ubuntu??

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7 thoughts on “Ubuntu is still Ubuntu

  1. Agreed . Ubuntu is the gateway into the linux world Its an out of the box ready to go modern Enterprise Desktop. Consistency, Stability, Simplicity Makes a great desktop experience. I really don't think the Linux community understand the damage they do by crapping all over Ubuntu. Not everyone wants to be a Linux user, they just want to use a computer that works. Ubuntu is the gateway into our world. if you crap all over it nobody is going to go near it

  2. Mate this is a parabola or figure of speech"Ubuntu is not ubuntu". The problem with ubuntu is that everything is as snap even Gimp that is ridiculous. Snaps are resource heavy. So if a half of ny user land programs are snaps this is not good for my system performance. Im not saying snaps bad, Im saying to much of a snaps is bad, and that is the thing with today's ubuntu. Slow and bloated by a bunch of sandboxed apps. Every snap creates a few virtual device so lsbk looks like mess. All those default installed snaps are stored as a normal packages in ubuntu repos.
    So if you want an responsive ubuntu nowadays you must uninstall bunch of snaps and replace them with packages from repos. Not very user friendly. And in your own words linux should be easy and approachable for normal user just like windows. Really so if this is approachable then im speechless mate.

  3. When I first started in Linux, about 4 or 5 years ago now, as a learner/beginner/newbie, I would've been happy to use Ubuntu as the daily driver for my desktop. Still, you may ask why did I want to leave Windows in the first place? Because as a desktop user, Windows basically kept making changes that annoyed me and was always stuffing me around. I feel the same way about Ubuntu now. I do recognise Ubuntu's importance to Linux though… but I still don't have any intention of using them as a daily driver on my computer 馃檪 Some of their offshoots are good though like Mint and POP for example. Mint and POP and some others DO make it easy to use them as daily drivers, I just can't say that for Ubuntu these days. I still play around with Linux quite a bit in my spare time – try installing Etcher on Ubuntu these days.

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