Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Vs Fedora 36 | The BEST Linux OS of 2022!

Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, both released back to back pretty at the same time. Both of these distros are one of the biggest names in the Linux scene. At the same time, they are radically different from each other. But which among them is the best? How they compare against each other? Which among these two is better for you? Ubuntu or Fedora?

Right from their philosophy, to the way they look, Ubuntu and Fedora are contrastingly far away from each other. I installed both these distros on my computer and have been playing with them for some time now. And today, we’ll be seeing how the new Ubuntu 22.04 and the latest Fedora 36 compare against each other in terms of Speed, performance, looks, stability, gaming, and all the other aspects.

Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS:

Download Fedora 36:

Install Ubuntu Step-By-Step Guide:

Install Fedora Step-By-Step Guide:

17 thoughts on “Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Vs Fedora 36 | The BEST Linux OS of 2022!

  1. I've tested both and they're really amazing, but in my opinion the best distro of 2022 so far is openSUSE 15.4 with Plasma. But great video as always👍.

  2. While I used to love Ubuntu for it breaking down a lot of frustrating barriers I am not a fan of snaps and they're now adding barriers to get away from it. They've had years to improve snaps such as painfully slow to launch Firefox but they went all in before making it acceptable.

    In the mean time Fedora has improved leaps and bounds over the past few years really polishing their end product. Not to mention Fedora has a few very interesting related projects such as Podman for toolboxes in Fedora Silverblue if that is your thing. Just add RPMFusion post install and even those with Nvidia GPUs can easily and reliably install the proprietary drivers. I have been running Fedora 36 on an Alienware laptop with an RTX 3080 and it has been superb.

  3. Great work as always brother. Hey a suggestion. Why are you confining this channel to distro reviews only. You could also review applications, compare desktop environments or even window managers, and much more.
    Anyways I really appreciate your efforts. The Linux community is thriving because of great people like you bro. 😄

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