Ubuntu 18.04 Review of New Features

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is around the corner. As promised, I am here with the review of Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver with a voice over. Please ignore my accent 😉
Not much has changed since we last saw the beta preview. There is the new welcome screen that gives the option to opt out of data collection.
There are some non-visal changes as well:
– GNOME Shell now supports Thunderbolt 3
– Updated software and libraries
– Python 3.6
– For fresh installs, swap file will be used by default instead of the swap partition
– You can no longer encrypt just the home option using ecryptfs-utils at the time of installation. It is recommended to use full-disk encryption instead.
More resources on Ubuntu 18.04:
List of all new features: https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-18-04-release-features/
Frequently asked questions on Ubuntu 18.04: https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-18-04-faq/
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41 thoughts on “Ubuntu 18.04 Review of New Features

  1. [Previous] and [Next] buttons on the top title bar? LOL: Is it an iOS app? A kind of advanced OS with trendy GUI for newbies … GUI is totally destroyed. GNOME lost the perspective. …

  2. They should've kept Unity. I use Fedora so there's no reason for me to install Ubuntu and use it. But the virtual machines in the computers of our university lab have Ubuntu 16.04 lts and I like Unity a lot. Nothing on that OS other than Unity desktop impresses me and now Unity is gone too.
    I'm on Fedora 28 KDE spin and using the KDE because, even though it's a bit heavy on hard disk than Gnome, it has way better memory management. Gnome however seem to have addressed this on 3.30 so I most probably will be switching to Gnome on Fedora 29.
    I'll also give a try to 18.04 on a vm just to see how far it has come, the last Ubuntu OS I used was 17.10 and it was, mmmm, not quite good as I expected it to be. I mean, I keep using Windows 10 most of my time even after dual booting 17.10. Fedora 27 was the OS that managed to get me to do most of my computing on Linux and now the only reason I boot to windows is to play games.
    Up to this point , I've used, Ubuntu 14.04lts, Ubuntu 16.04lts, Ubuntu 17.10, Linux mint(Don't remember which version, the one based on 17.10 or 17.04?… Zorin OS, Fedora 27(one that made me use Linux for almost everything except gaming and C# programming), Fedora 28(Currently my primary OS).

  3. Ubuntu 18.04 is freezing constantly. It's not even possible to use it. I did a fresh install from Ubuntu website, on a new SSD disk and the system is very unstable. For the first time I'm preferring Windows 10 instead of Ubuntu. At least when Windows freezes, it recovers perfectly. Ubuntu stays frozen forever.

  4. Are there any major issues, bugs, or known shortcomings?
    I see several problems in the release notes, that could ruin ones linux experience and computer usage, such as being unable to exit live sessions (1718850)

  5. Hey, nice video. I'm having a challenge after upgrading from 17.10 to 18.04. The package download and installation process was successful (through update center). The laptop was required to reboot, to complete the upgrade, but it never made to the login screen after displaying the Ubuntu boot splash screen. It kept displaying "[ok] started gnome display manager at…link was shut down"
    Please help me, I'm new to Linux
    I'm running this as a dual boot on my Dell Inspiron 15 7557.

  6. Why did you blow right past the SHARING function in this new version?!? Hello, networking is important, DUH! Thumbs down for not paying attention to such a key feature in your review.

  7. What bothers me the most, my mousepad on my laptop doens't allways react the first time i tap on it.
    For the rest, stupid that they put the shut-down, minimize and maximize buttons on the right side of each window.
    Looks like all the distro's today. With that ubuntu lost some of it's unique layout. Shame. I thinkin about changing back to 16.04.

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