Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal Install Versus Full Install – Dueling VMs

In this very quick video, I install side-by-side two virtual machines of the Ubuntu 18.04 daily build. On one, I chose the full install. On the other, I chose the minimal install. Then I do a brief comparison on the programs included in each.

EDIT: The minimal install has 1509 packages taking up right at 5G of space. The full has 1550 packages installed taking 5.5G of disk space.



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22 thoughts on “Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal Install Versus Full Install – Dueling VMs

  1. Always been a puzzle why the Amazon link is so essential. I like the idea of the minimal install because it's a great way to build your own system by choosing your apps and components.

  2. Just some info for all you distro-lovers. My LXQt 0.12 distro updated its task manager today. It is still using in 2018, the task manager written by PCMan in 2008 for LXDE. That being LXTask. It went from 0.1.4 to 0.1.8. I could not tell any difference, but was not looking at the older version close enough. It uses 23.4 MB of memory. It only shows overall CPU % at the top instead of per core. But it does list the % CPU of each process. My old Intel i5 ( LGA 1155 ), shows 0% at the top, and some of the processes also show from 0% to 4 %. I probably urgently need to get a Threadripper 1950x and more RAM with fancier latency. I see your point that it is so much easier to find things in the terminal once you really know the commands. I can type "lxtask" much faster than hunting for it in the menu. Although I have a shortcut on my lower panel.

  3. I'd like to see how is the memory usage on both. Is there such difference?
    Do you know if this minimal installation will be available on other Ubuntu's official flavors?

  4. [ Smiles ] Derek, the minimal install of Ubuntu isn't bad. A person can simply install whatever additional software that they need.

    In my case, I would need the full LibreOffice Suite.

    Thank you for another highly informative review!

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