TOP 10 RAT HOLES on FJORDUR! | ARK: Survival Evolved

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23 thoughts on “TOP 10 RAT HOLES on FJORDUR! | ARK: Survival Evolved

  1. Hope you guys enjoy! For every subscriber we get for the month of June we will donate $0.01 to a charity of your choice which will be decided at the end of the month!

  2. I think this is a little early for this video… You either went into caves with large entrances which aren't ratholes or the big openings you went into I expected you to go into a small crouch or opening into the rathole, but the open area was the rathole?

    Take more time and find some locations that are actually viable, this is just click bait

  3. Look there were a couple ratholes in this vid so it wasn't all terrible but the last 2 caves you showed had breakable rocks which makes the caves a LOT weaker

  4. Hey big FYI you don't need to flood all those areas with foundations to place a base inside. If you're inside a map spawned house or castle you can place smithy's and everything down on it without needing a foundation, the map floor counts as foundation.

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