The two paths to Arch Linux

Let’s talk about the two way people typically go around installing Arch Linux

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11 thoughts on “The two paths to Arch Linux

  1. Only Arch people lmao. To people that have to high IQ to understand this video i will draw it out with crayons lol. This is a video about how most people get a Arch install and that it's okay and fine no matter what road you take. Only Arch people can make this in to a OS war video in their head, the lack of understanding and human incite by some are crazy. Not matter what way you go about installing Arch, is fine and great. If you don't like Arch, is fine and great. If you don't like Linux, that is fine and great also. We don't all have to like the same, and we don't all have the same experience. Instead of playing smart, try and ask why and then listen to people, you would be amazed of how much you could learn. Use that big head 5000 IQ and think. Linux people should be the smart one, so act it 🙂

  2. Nice video. The only thing I think that may need a bit more explanation is the community you get depending on the Arch install method you choose. By choosing the Arch Way install method, you get to ask questions in the Arch forums and not be told you are not running Arch for using some installer. If you choose the EndeavourOS or Garuda options, you get a community to go ask questions and get some support. Choosing Ezarcher, ALG, Archcraft, SalientOS, and the dozens of other single man Arch builds, you don't really get a community at all. At best you may get a developer that can help if they have the time and patience, and maybe a Discord or Telegram server with a few users.

  3. I could say I learned quite a bit by installing Arch: how to mount stuff, what is swapfile, how to use fdisk and mkfs to do all my formatting needs, how to add user and give him a specific shell, how to make changes in fstab and so get other partitions to mount at boot time, that many config files are stored in /etc directory, how to add keyboard language and locales to files in /etc. And many more tricks that, believe it or not, I've successfully used in many other distros. But I understand this to be a lot less compared to what you would get from a course in administration of Linux systems. The other indirect benefit is that you get used to reading Arch Wiki, which you will have to do even if you use other distros.

  4. Well I have installed Arch in the bathroom, bedroom, outside on the picnic table, at least a dozen times… I have even installed Arch over ssh 3 time from upstairs, in the basement out in the garage and I know everything there is to know about installing Arch the Arch WAY… LOL NOT!!!!
    Yep I have typed it all, copied it all, pasted it all, Hell I have done it all… ROTF!!!!
    Now I have installed the Ezarcher way, ArcoLinux way, and EndeavourOS way… So what did I learn? The Arch WaY is to time consuming and so pasay…
    Ezarcher is well easier! So is EndeavourOS and ArcoLinux for that matter! Besides, I'm a lazy ass and I want installed now not a hour + later… Lol
    So glad you broke out the crayons TRG… 😛
    Thanks for the video TRG!

  5. After a year of Arch, I'm switching to windowes today? just tires of bugs. Used Gnome, you basically are more limited than any other OS in gnome. Used KDE and it's not ready for productions at all, full of bugs and lots of options that are not complete. So I'm switching back to Windows after years of being an exclusive Linux user.

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