The Colonial Pipeline Hack

In this video I cover the recent colonial pipeline ransomware attack, and the response from the alleged hackers darkside.

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44 thoughts on “The Colonial Pipeline Hack

  1. It is So American Style to Never Let a Disaster Go Un-Weaponized, Colonial paid the Ransom, and now they will pass on the Monetary Cost to consumers. They "Colonial " are still in hot water over the Disastrous Leak which is the Worst In History in America. That's why they are keeping their cards closely to their breasts.

  2. Colonial is a shaky company, they had a horrible rupture leak where gasoline was bubbling up from the ground unnoticed a very long time: two bicyclers found it while apparently Colonial "sensors" were non functional, I remember it was the worst spill ever and whole areas were deemed dangerous to live and health.

  3. What matters is the geo coordinates of the hackers and the time-to-kill. They should be wiped off the earth with a vengeance as a warning, not a punishment.

  4. It's called stealing and they justify their theft by choosing the juiciest targets and claiming the rich are justifiable targets. Theft is theft and they will get their just rewards.

  5. yeah, i live in south carolina and every gas station within 2 hours of where i live was completely out of Normal Unleaded and Premium, all they had was Diesel, fortunately there wasn't any price hiking at places that did manage to hold onto some fuel.

  6. The thing I think about is how this shows weaknesses in some networks and how this may also bolster hackers willingness to test other areas

  7. If all they target are Fortune 500 companies I kind of understand. A part of me is angry at them but I can't shed a tear if they hit a boomer hedge fund.

  8. The globalists are at it yet again. Kenny, look into WEF's Cyber Polygon, then you'll completely understand what this is all about after. Expect these kind of hacks to become the most "breaking news" topic later this year as more of these suspicious events occur. This is all part of a greater scheme (UN's Agenda 2030). It can't be a coincidence that Google just recently announced they want to get rid of passwords after these globalists want biometric authentication, digital IDs, CBDCs etc. In the words of the WEF, "You will have no privacy. You will own nothing and you will be happy."

  9. One hack and there's no gas anywhere. Now there's limited resources for people to go to work to earn money to buy what they need. People are making large runs to stores to save gas, so stores will be out of stock. Stores can't get more stock because the trucks that are delivering the stock have no gas. Think about how bad this could get.

  10. Air gapped and separate laptops for networks, yeah right. Very few energy provider IT departments are at this point. The SCADA IT guys are usually totally incompetent and rely on contractors.

  11. The best job you can get right now, and for a good while, in the IT industry is "Hacker" (nefariously sourced of course because: experience).

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