An Installation And First Look Of Fedora 35

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The Worst Ubuntu Release In Years (21.10)

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Is Linux Better Than Windows?

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Windows Supports My Hardware, Linux Does NOT!

So many of you guys are switching from Windows to Linux, but many of you have run into a major issue–hardware compatibility. Windows supports all of you devices and peripherals. … Read More

GNU/Linux Is 38 Years Old This Month (Or Is It 28 Years Old?)

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Sir Rob #Linux Notícias, desde Junho de 2016 informando os usuários Linux. — “Seja Membro” do canal: vídeos antecipados, lives exclusivas, suporte dedicado e muito mais. Antes de continuar, faça … Read More

LINUX IN WINDOWS STORE?!! Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora EP390

Microsoft’s push into the Linux world shows no sign of stopping! After joining the Linux Foundation and adding Ubuntu Shell natively in Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), … Read More

What is ubuntu?| මොකද්ද මේ Ubuntu කියන්නේ | LK HACKING BRO

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10 raisons géniales de passer à Linux ! (et d'abandonner Windows ?)

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