Screen Locking for Gentoo and other Systemd-less distros for Window Managers

Here is a quick video on how to setup a screen locker for window managers using Elogind and Xidlehook. It should work for all distros that have access to Elogind … Read More

Install Arch Linux Using Calamares || The Easy Way

===========x Rant x=========== I love to make videos about linux,cloud,development etc. If you are not happy single, you wont be happy in a relationship. True happiness comes from using LINUX, … Read More

Install DWM on ArchLinux – Part 2 DWM, ST, Dmenu

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From Noob To Power User With MX Linux

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Arch Linux KDE minimal Desktop Environment Installation

How to install KDE Minimal Desktop Environment in Arch Linux. Arch Wiki for KDE Start KDE wayland session: run this command in tty dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland For GTK apps install … Read More

Сложный выбор между DWM и BSPWM и немного про Void

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