#21.15 – Voice Regoc.. dictation und boxed openSuse 15.3 zu gewinnen

Video von Marcus-s: https://youtu.be/Ksm-50PdZWM Mycroft bei Jean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-PTjmqdiH0 https://dictation.io/ Mycroft – The Open Source Privacy-Focused Voice Assistant https://github.com/alexa-pi/AlexaPi Emails bitte bis zum 18.12.21 an linux[at]knietief.com http://www.knietief.com

dosemu2 – DOSEMU run DOS programs under Linux #DOScember #DOSember

https://github.com/dosemu2/dosemu2 DOSEMU2 is a virtual machine that allows you to run DOS software under linux. # copy local config cp /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf ~/.dosemu/.dosemurc # enable sound console only (e.g $ dosemu … Read More

viddy – Modern Watch Command with Vim Scrolling Hotkeys – Linux TUI

https://github.com/sachaos/viddy Basic features of original watch command. Execute command periodically, and display the result. color output. diff highlight. Time machine mode. sunglasses Rewind like video. Go to the past, and … Read More