WayDroid – Android Apps on Ubuntu Touch – WhatsApp (2022-05-19)

Running Android apps on Ubuntu Touch (Pixel 3a) using WayDroid. WhatsApp is used as an example. WayDroid project: https://github.com/WayDroid Ubuntu Touch Devices Page: https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ Installing WayDroid forum post: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/6764/anbox-halium-or-waydroid-no-support-for-ut/28 Commands … Read More

Ubuntu for Phones is Here – Why Should I Care?

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Latest Privacy Phone Volla Phone X | Ubuntu Touch | ( Unboxing & Price )

Dear Viewers, We are unboxing the latest Volla Phone X with Ubunto Touch and giving our first impressions of this Linux open source phone without android or apple surveillance system. … Read More

Есть ли альтернатива рабству iOS и Android?

Смотрим РЅР° последнюю СЃР±РѕСЂРєСѓ Ubuntu Touch Рё сравниваем работоспособность смартфонов РЅР° системе 2020 Рё 2021 РіРѕРґР°. Как оказалось, СЃСЋСЂРїСЂРёР·РѕРІ здесь немало — поменяли РЅРµ только РёРєРѕРЅРєСѓ браузера, РЅРѕ Рё то, … Read More

Installing dualboot lineageos and ubuntu touch | fossfrog

#fossfrog #dualboot #ubports #ubuntu_touch LINK: https://bit.ly/3wM77Qa In the previous video, I installed the stable version of ubports (version 4). But in this tutorial, I installed the ubports from edge channel … Read More