208: Linux 5.19, Linux Mint 21, DreamWorks, Fedora Linux, SCALE 19x and more Linux news!

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How to download and Install Ubuntu on virtual machine

links : https://www.linuxvmimages.com/images/ubuntu-2204/

Ubuntu 22.10: An Excellent Linux Distro | Customization | Full Review | What You Need To Know!

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VS Codium | Quick Install on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

What’s up, Linux Community!!! This video covers how to install VS Codium on Ubuntu 22.04. VS Codium is a binary release of VS Code without the Microsoft branding, telemetry, or … Read More

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – Full Installation Walkthrough || How to install ubuntu

Attention! Please take your data backup first. During the fresh installation of ubuntu with erase disk option will delete the data of your harddrive. Intro:- We are providing the free … Read More

Como Deixar Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS em Tela Cheia no VirtualBox – Atualizado 2022

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O que mudou da nossa review do Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – Cortes do DioCast

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Google Migrated 100k PCs To Rolling Release Debian

There was a time where Google relied on a fork of Ubuntu LTS called Goobuntu but those days are long gone and now they rely on gLinux Rodete a rolling … Read More