It's About Time (PTP on Pi)

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Redefining Retirement – Yusuf Hashim

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Mount Apple AirPort Time Capsule via afpfs-ng – Linux SHELLSCRIPT easy script toggle mount and unmount apple timecapsule with account setup (works on linux kernel 5.15+) #appletimecapsule #apple #applefileprotocol #airportextreme #linux

Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS ausprobiert

Heute sehe ich mir die aktuelle Long Time Support Version von #ubuntu #linux 22.04 an. Ubuntu kann hier heruntergeladen werden: #download

Mum tries out Debian 6.0.6 with Gnome 2 (2012) [Compiz tried at the end]

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How To Install Zabbix Server On Ubuntu 18.04

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