What is Your Favorite Linux Distribution?

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How To Install/Uninstall ProtonVpn On Fedora 34 & Above!

A full step by step tutorial on installing ProtonVpn on fedora 34, 35, 36 & above! Also includes how to uninstall ProtonVpn on fedora 34 and above! ProtonVpn Official Documentation … Read More

Build And Patch Suckless ST Terminal 2022_08_06_02:48:43

In this video, you will see, how you can easily build and patch the suckless.org terminal emulator called ST. You can look into it here: http://st.suckless.org/ #linux #terminal_emulator #st #linuxadmin … Read More

How to customize Ubuntu terminal 🤩 | Mind Your Knowledge

Today let’s do some customization to our ubuntu terminal. Watch previous videos *Ubuntu terminal Q & A :- https://youtu.be/r0e4BG_6sZ8 *How to manage directories :- https://youtu.be/0Y5VVfHI06w *How to manage user permissions … Read More


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Screen Locking for Gentoo and other Systemd-less distros for Window Managers

Here is a quick video on how to setup a screen locker for window managers using Elogind and Xidlehook. It should work for all distros that have access to Elogind … Read More