Archman – The Linux Distribution Perfect for Newbies

In This Video We Are Looking At Xfce 20220820 version of Archman GNU/Linux , which is available as a fast, visual, stable and easy distribution, has been released. ► Subscribe … Read More

How to be a Linux User

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I wish i was new to Linux

Life was better when i was a little Linux baby Twitter: Twitch: LBRY: Gaming YouTube: Discorde –Mind, the mental health charity——————————– Mind For better mental … Read More

Titan Linux : Lightweight KDE & Debian Based Distro!

Titan Linux is a Debian-stable-based Linux distribution that features the KDE Plasma desktop. It is a fairly new distribution that aspires to be user-friendly and minimal distribution. This review is … Read More

"We Have Too Many Linux Distros!! Or Do We" – Reaction video

Brodie Robertson is using his ninja weeb powers, to give us a take on the hole distro fragmentation we have. Let’s take a look at it (Inner weeb activated) Sub … Read More

Fedora | Dropbox

Organiza tus archivos y avanza con tus proyectos, todo en el mismo lugar Busca el plan adecuado para ti Almacena y sincroniza Almacena, actualiza y accede a tus archivos en … Read More

Why Linus Torvalds use the distro he use

There are a lot of theories to why Linus Torvalds use the distro he do. So lets here himself explain why, so we don’t have to guess anymore. Twitter: … Read More

Why Ubuntu rules the world!

Let look in to why Ubuntu is still one of the most used distros in linux, and how important it is for linux and open source in general. Yes it … Read More

From Noob To Power User With MX Linux

In this edition of “From Noob To Power User” I will be taking MX Linux and customizing it slightly to fit my workflow. This will include theming, some software installations, … Read More