Ark Fjordur WYVERN Locations & Wyvern Eggs Locations

I show you where to find all the ark Fjordur wyven and wyvern eggs on the ark Fjordur map. I so you the Fire Wyvern Location, the lightning Wyvern Location, … Read More

LINUX-КУХНЯ: ROSA R12 GNOME – Внешний вид и дополнения

Присоединяйся к Тинькофф по моей ссылке и получи бонус: Поддержи ROSA Fresh Desktop 12 Gnome в BZU-GMB: [Я.стример, озвучка] Ссылка на сборку Ubuntu-gg: Ссылка на bzu-gmb: … Read More

LiveCast #120 con SergiioMan – Programa Completo EN VIVO

Edición completa del Streaming del 17 de JUNIO de 2022. En el que hablamos de tecnología, entretenimiento, y mucho más!!… Recuerda darle LIKE, SUSCRIBIRTE, COMPARTIR y (si puedes) DONAR en … Read More

Selaco Demo – Linux | Gameplay Selaco is a brand new original shooter running on GZDoom, featuring thrilling action set pieces, destructibility, smart AI and a fleshed out story taking place within an immersive game … Read More

Steam Deck for the Everyday Gamer

How does the Steam Deck work for the average gamer? In this review I share my first few weeks of experience to see if this handheld’s ease-of-use is really easy … Read More

Linux Tech Tips EP#4: Reshade and Steam Tinker Launch on Fedora Linux | Borderlands 2 | RX6600 XT

Showing you how to install and use Reshade and Steam Tinker Launch ==Links== Reshade: Bash script to download ReShade and the shaders and link them to games running with wine … Read More