WILL IT LINUX? | Death Stranding #SteamProton

By popular request! Let’s install Hideo Kojima’s immersive, post-apocalyptic Amazon delivery walking simulator, and ask the important question: WILL IT LINUX? ☁️Thanks to LINODE for sponsoring this video! If it … Read More

The New Radeon RX 6600: WILL IT LINUX?

AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 Series doesn’t have the best track record for out-of-box Linux support. Is the new RX 6600 any better? I test 5 distros to bring you that … Read More

5 Configurações no OpenSUSE Para Rodar Jogos

Conheça aqui alguns softwares e configurações para extrair o melhor desempenho do seu sistema operacional 5 Motivos para você usar OpenSUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drhwNTmoS4E&t=59s Documentação Bumblebee NVidia: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:NVIDIA_Bumblebee Comunidade SUSE: https://community.suse.com/groups/5341909/feed 00:00 … Read More


Проекту gamer station [on linux]: всегда нужна ваша помощь: [Я.стример, озвучка] https://donate.stream/gamer-station-on-linux Что нового в Ubuntu 21.10 Регистрируйтесь по моей ссылке на Odysee, это децентрализованом аналог YouTube на блокчейне : … Read More

Linus Tech Tips Embraces Linux Gaming

Linus and Luke from Linus Tech Tips announcend they were going to be doing a Linux gaming challenge and I for one think this is a really big chance to … Read More