Installing DWM on Arch Linux the proper Arch Way

Mastodon: In this video, we learn about how to properly install software from source code on Arch Linux, specifically Suckless programs such as DWM (the Dynamic Window Manager) or … Read More

Latest DWM (6.2) on minimal instalation of Debian 10 (stable)

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InstantOS Review – A Minimal Arch Linux based Distro with a Custom WM

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[email protected] Added Prettier and eslint to LunarVim Q&A Livestream

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@Machine Live Stream | Neovim ftplugins with lua #4

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Basic QEMU/Virt-Manager (QEMU for dummies) | Linux Guide

Since I haven’t covered it yet, this video shows how to use QEMU from the terminal as well as using scripts to configure it. This video also shows how to … Read More