Pop!_OS – The Gnome Desktop as it Should Be!

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Endeavour OS – The Only Arch Linux Distro You Will Ever Need

Endeavour OS, in my opinion, is the best Arch distro that currently exists. I’m biased of course, but my opinion is based on 14 month of continuous use and zero … Read More

Freespire Linux – A Distro for Users of Google Services

Freespire is back from the ashes, and in this new incarnation it’s a google-centric distro that comes pre-loaded with ice links to all of your favourite google services. Based on … Read More

StormFish OS Arch Edition – An Everyday Person's OS

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Pull Before You Push – Using Git to Manage Your Dot Files

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Void Linux – A Distro You Really Should Try

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DWM-Flexipatch – DWM Has Never Been This Easy!

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Enabling Colour Emoji in DWM on Slackware

DWM is a great window manager but one of it’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t support colour emojis due to an issue with libxft. Arch users can solve this problem … Read More

Rofi-Edit – An Easy Way to Open Files for the Keyboard Fumblers Amongst Us!

Rofi is a brilliant little utility that can be adapted for many uses, and if you’re a keyboard fumbler like me, you will appreciate the way that it can help … Read More

The Slackware AUR: Installing Software Using Slackbuilds

Slackware and Slackbuilds are a partnership that many Slackware users rely on. Slackbuilds.org is similar to the AUR that Arch Linux enjoys, but for some reason we don’t hear that … Read More