Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt – Linux | Gameplay proton-experimental The game has the Option for DX11 launch also, which i didn’t test, but all the older nvidia GPU owners (pascal and below) should probably use the DX11 … Read More

ODUU Hatattama: Jawar Jaal Marroo Waliin Mari'achuuf Haasaa Jawar Ubuntu fi OMN Irratti OMN Ethiopia

Odeeffannoo Wayitaawaa Haala Yeroo Irratti Saffisaan Argachuuf Chaanala Keenya Subscribe Gochuun Maatiin Nuuf Taha. Oduu Golee Oromiyaa fi Ethiopia. Galaanaa Gaaromsaa – Wal Agarra – New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2021 … Read More

CRSED: F.O.A.D – Linux | Gameplay Native to linux. Dualscreen users will have the game stretched over 2 screens on first launch. Changing the resolution and restarting the game fixes it. —- Mastodon: Twitter: … Read More


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How to use AMD AMF Encoder in OBS on Fedora Linux for streaming and recording.

1. 2. 3. 4. Launch obs: vk_pro obs Launch game: vk_pro %command% For streaming: Choose AMD AMF H.264… For recording: Choose Standard — AMD AMF H.264 … Read More

Dinge die du nach der Installation von Ubuntu machen solltest + Einleitung in das System von Ubuntu

Folge mir doch auf GitHub👉 Folge mir doch auf insta👉 Folge mir doch auf Facebook👉 Lass mir doch gerne ein Like und ein Abo da❤ Viel Spaß … Read More

Apex Legends – Linux | Gameplay Highlights

proton-experimental GPU was capped to 270W cause my feet are warm enough. GPU default is 370W. When im not recording, i usually run it at 220W and the game will … Read More

Com'è Gnome 41 su Arch Linux?

Gnome 41 è un ottimo ambiente grafico, finalmente Gnome 3 è diventato stabile e utilizzabile, consuma meno risorse rispetto al passato e wayland è diventato utilizzabile nella vita di tutti … Read More

Ubuntu Linux Fast FIX without restarting computer for OBS: Failed to open NVENC codec after suspend.

Fast and easy fix for the OBS studio NVENC codec problem when you return from suspend and OBS studio complains that it cannot open the NVENC codec. 1. Close OBS … Read More