Nvidia Open-Sourced their Linux GPU Kernel Driver!

It finally happened! Nvidia released the source code for their Linux kernel driver. What exactly does that mean, though? Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/geerlingguy Sponsor me on GitHub: https://github.com/sponsors/geerlingguy Merch: … Read More

Easy Anti Cheat through Proton on Elden Ring | Gentoo Linux Guide

This video covers the process of creating an instance of Elden Ring that is compliant with Easy Anti Cheat so you can connect online through proton. This took me a … Read More

Tutorial – Memonitor traffic di apache dengan mod_status (ubuntu)

Ditutorial kali ini saya akan meng-share cara memonitor traffic di apache. Caranya yaitu dengan mengaktifkan module apache: mod_status, lalu mengkonfigurasi file status.conf, setelah itu restart apache. Lalu buka http://[ip]/server-status. lihat … Read More