Самые главные дистрибутивы 2022 года однозначно: Fedora и Arch Linux. У каждого свой подход и своя концепция. В данном ролике поднимается вопрос выбора между этими, сопоставимыми по мощности, двумя гигантами … Read More

Gaming on Slackware with Conty, the Arch Linux container application.

Hey all. Gaming on Linux is becoming more and more viable every day it seems, and Slackware gaming is no exception. Of course, every distro has it’s quirks, such as … Read More

Linux Action News 248

The new movement to leave GitHub, an Ubuntu bug biting 22.04 users, the hardware platform Fedora might start taking seriously, and a major desktop dev departs Red Hat. Chapters 00:00:00 … Read More

Wayland & Xorg GitLab Vanished For A Day Here's Why

For a day the Linux desktop effectively halted when the Freedesktop gitlab decided to die for a day due to a problem that anybody out there can face, whether you’re … Read More

Fedora 36 and Nvidia Open Source

It could literally be the apocalypse. Nvidia has a road map to fully open source the gpu driver by the end of year. Up next, flying pigs and a frozen … Read More

OOT PC Ships of Harkinian | Overview Cheating and Ganon| Linux

I did edit this video, but KDENlives latest version is having issues on Arch linux. No sound after rendering. Super annoying.