Linus Torvalds Is Testing Linux On M1/M2 Macs

The Asahi Linux team has been doing incredible work getting Linux running on the M1/M2 Macs and Linus Torvalds has been looking for powerful ARM based systems running linux so … Read More

How to Create Linux Operating System Using Ubuntu Mini (Ubuntu Minimal ISO) EP607

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Terminal quick navigation tip #shorts – Tip#001

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I wish i was new to Linux

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🐧 Linux ¿Tendrá futuro en el escritorio?

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"We Have Too Many Linux Distros!! Or Do We" – Reaction video

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Fedora | Dropbox

Organiza tus archivos y avanza con tus proyectos, todo en el mismo lugar Busca el plan adecuado para ti Almacena y sincroniza Almacena, actualiza y accede a tus archivos en … Read More

Why Linus Torvalds use the distro he use

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Why Ubuntu rules the world!

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