GTA 3 Definitive Edition #5 / 'Rybaření ve stylu žlutýho panáčka' / CZ let's play

Průchod hrou GTA 3 Definitive Edition. Část pátá. — HW/SW: OS: Arch Linux x64 + GNOME Shell CPU: Intel Core i5-10500H RAM: 16 GB RAM DDR4 3200Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce … Read More

Monster Hunter Rise – 06 | No Commentary

Hi everyone! This time I hunt the Royal Ludroth and the Bishaten. #NoCommentary #LinuxGaming #MonsterHunterRise Sit back, relax and enjoy. Thanks for watching! OS: Archlinux Kernel: 5.18.1 Wine Version: GE-Proton7-20 … Read More

Fedora Man Arrives (Sneak plays Resident Evil 2 Remake part 4)

And he is definitely not here to respect our men and women. A big behemoth of nothing but pure agony and suffering, his beat slaps though…just like he slaps me. … Read More