ArchDI: Arch Linux Desktop Installer… I Guess

ArchFi the Arch Linux fast installer only considers getting Arch Linux installed, ArchDI is the follower up desktop installation script that I don’t see the point of. ==========Support The Channel========== … Read More

Customizing rEFInd

In this video, I am going to install and configure the rEFInd bootloader with a theme and icons. Thumbnail Background Credit: Arch Wiki: Minimalist Theme: Themes: … Read More

Cómo Instalar ARCH LINUX paso a paso (BIOS)

Cómo Instalar ARCH LINUX paso a paso (BIOS) =========================================== ========================================== pagina de facebook canal de telegran

Arch Linux Monthly Install: January 2022

In this video I am installing Arch Linux with the January 2022 ISO. In the system I am going to install with btrfs, timeshift, i3 gaps and much more! … Read More

Archfi: So Called "Best" Arch Install Script

I’ve been trying out a bunch of Arch Linux install scripts recently, like Arch Linux GUI and Anarchy Linux but I’ve been getting requests for Archfi for over a year … Read More