Is Manjaro the only real desktop Linux?

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Ubuntu Impish Indri Nightmare ! Horrible Ubuntu !

#ubuntu21.14 #Gnome40 #grub2 ►TITLE: AAJ mein baat KARNE WALA HU UBUNTU 21.10 aur kyu main isse install nahi kar pa raha hu. ►Ubuntu 21.14 : Impish Indri is a nightmare … Read More

Install Fedora 34 Linux on Acer Laptop (Windows) – Details – Easy Steps

How to Shrink Volume on Windows: Install Fedora 34 Linux on Acer Laptop (Windows) – Details – Easy Steps


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Fedora 35 Workstation Release Candidate | Review

El objetivo del video es mostrar la version “Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-35-1.1” de #Fedora35 la cuál podría ser #ReleaseCandidate para futura liberación de este hermoso #GNULinux. [ Enlace de Descarga si estas interesado … Read More

Fedora 35 Beta com Cinnamon que legal leve demais 2021 chega pra live com o [email protected]

#fedora35 #beta #cinnamon #desktop fedora com cinnamon desktop: kde neon : site do Arch linux com GUI facil de instalar: site Oficial do arch linux: site do Endless: site Ubuntu … Read More