В гостях у 3y6HuKa # 6: Redcore – ты тоже Gentoo?

Мне тут стало интересно, а есть ли дистрибутивы на основе Gentoo, но более лояльные к неискушённым пользователям? Ответ нашелся. Остается проверить, это тоже Gentoo, сложный и не понятный или уже … Read More

Redcore Linux Makes Gentoo User Friendly

Redcore Linux is a distribution based on Gentoo but aims to provide a user-friendly installation. Redcore targets the casual Linux user but is also appropriate for power users. It comes … Read More

Very fast booting Arch Linux VM (On Gentoo) – 8.5 seconds to GNOME 3 Fallback and Opera 11

So… I was challenged to make a very fast booting system. The idea was to beat a friend who managed to make an operating system boot in 14 seconds on … Read More

(Let's Throw Gentoo in a) Burning Pit of Fire – Song parody of "Ring of Fire"

This was originally released in June 7, 2021 over on Odysee (LBRY): https://odysee.com/@Lunduke:e/ThrowGentooInAPitOfFire:0 Want to get all of the Lunduke-y goodness? All the comics, articles, videos, and podcasts? You’ve got … Read More