Como Descargar E Instalar "ARCH LINUX" En VirtualBox.

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Steam Deck Proof Of Linux Rise And Windows Decline

Recently, Valve announced their upcoming handheld gaming device, the Steam Deck, which is really a portable PC that will run Arch Linux. You can even plug in a monitor to … Read More

Biomutant and Scarlet Nexus (vkd3d proton + wine + proton (valve)) on PS4 Linux – Fedora 35 Rawhide

Biomutant и Scarlet Nexus на PlayStation 4 Linux. В качестве системы Fedora 35 (Rawhide). Нереально крутая.. #ps4linux #Fedora35

SteamDeck Is Here: Has Valve Learnt From Last Time

Valve is trying there hand again at a console this time in the form of a handheld called the SteamDeck but unlike the last time they tried this, Linux gaming … Read More

Some Mods Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Wine+Proton) on PS4 Linux Fedora 32

Немного модов Джилл Валентайн в Resident Evil 3 Remake через Wine (not Steam) на PlayStation 4 Linux (Fedora 32). Для запуска необходимо откатить видеодрайвер Mesa на 20.1.1 (или 20.1.7 возможно). … Read More

Testing Games On A Steam Deck Like Arch Based Linux Vs Windows

so our results in cyberpunk look like because of how windows uses vram our 4gb card actually runs out of vram in windows, at 800p the results are indistinguishable check … Read More

Linux Users and Privacy | DLN Xtend 66

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss, do Linux users really care about privacy? Welcome to episode 66 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We … Read More

Exploring the Regenerated Map in Wonderful World of Veloren! ( Voxel / Minecraft / CubeWorld )

Exploring the Wonderful World of Veloren with others. It’s a great day to visit Veloren and check out the regenerated map. Veloren is a free and open source VOXEL game … Read More


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Horizon Zero Dawn | Arch Linux | RX 6700XT + Ryzen 7 5800X | Linux Gaming

Hello everyone, and welcome to my channel., In today’s video, I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn on Arch Linux at 3440×1440 optimised settings. The game after the latest vkd3d-proton update … Read More