dmenu — динамическое меню GNU/Linux 🤔

Курс по Java разработке от Kata Аcademy – ======= Все ссылки и код по теме: ======= Если есть возможность поддержать канал и спасти мир: 🔻 или 🔻 … Read More

Instalando Slackware com btrfs (subvolumes)

Salve galera. Instalando Slackware com btrfs (subvolumes). Caso tenha curiosidade, alguns links para consulta. Sobre GNU/Linux : – – – – … Read More

Audio Compression for Linux Gaming | Gentoo Gaming

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Suckless's DWM on Arch Linux Made Easy! – How to configure DWM

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Install Arch Linux Using Calamares || The Easy Way

===========x Rant x=========== I love to make videos about linux,cloud,development etc. If you are not happy single, you wont be happy in a relationship. True happiness comes from using LINUX, … Read More

Another way to apply the libXft-bgra patch in Gentoo

Today Minux shows how to patch LibXft to enable colored emojis in Suckless software in Gentoo by using Portage Overlays. Overlay browser: Article on repositories: Don’t forget to … Read More

Install DWM on ArchLinux – Part 2 DWM, ST, Dmenu

How to install DWM on ArchLinux – Part 2 installing DWM, ST and Dmenu. This is a new series of videos about installing and configuring DWM on Arch Linux. This … Read More

Slackware64-current_multilib rodando o YUZU ( emulador Nintendo Switch )

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