Why Universal Linux Apps are GREAT!

Universal Linux Apps/Packages (Flatpaks, Snaps, AppImages) seem to get a lot of hate in the Linux community, but why?! In this video, I talk about why this type of technology … Read More

Arch Linux vs derivatives such as Manjaro, Garuda, etc: a comparison

Arch Linux is a popular operating system, but is also a popular base that is used to make other operating systems. Today we compare them. https://archlinux.org/ https://artixlinux.org/ https://manjaro.org/ https://garudalinux.org/ Front … Read More


Olá pessoal topzera, mais um vídeo bem legal para todos vocês, joguei um pouco desse grande jogo do Sonic Mania pelo Spine Emulador PS4 dessa vez no Fedora 34 uma … Read More

GNOME redesign, Manjaro Cinnamon goes Vivaldi, and Steam Deck hype deflation – Linux news

Subscribe to CentOS 8 Extended Lifecycle Support by TuxCare: https://tuxcare.com/extended-lifecycle-support/centos-8-extended-support/?utm_campaign=TC%20-%20ELS%20-%20CENTOS%208%20-%20TLE%20-%20September&utm_source=youtube Get your Linux desktop or laptop here: https://slimbook.es/en/ This time, we have GNOME showing off multiple parts of their ongoing … Read More

A look at MX Linux 16 – Linux distro review

Support the content I make online at https://liberapay.com/ChrisWere Available from: https://mxlinux.org “MX Linux, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Debian’s “stable” branch, is a cooperative venture between the antiX and … Read More

Installation von Debian 9 (Testing) mit dem Cinnamon Desktop | Linux Betriebssystem

In diesem Video führe ich eine Installation vom Linux Betriebssystem Debian 9 durch. Diese Version wird in Kürze als Stable-Version erscheinen und befindet sich momentan noch im Testing-Status und trägt … Read More

Bilan Zorin OS 16 – Le premier Full vert!

Bonjour à tous, C’est l’heure du bilan de zorin et le moins que l’on puisse dire c’est que ça dépote! Bravo aux équipes de zorin. Lien Discord : https://discord.gg/PQXGWNYcS4   … Read More

FreeBSD – der etwas andere Unixoide | #freebsd #distro #unix

————————– DISCORD: http://discord.marcus-s.de ————————– FreeBSD – Free Berkeley Software Distribution. Ein Thema, bzw. auch ein System, dass ich auf meinem Kanal bisher noch nicht hatte. Es handelt sich dabei um … Read More

Don't make these 7 mistakes when you're starting out on Linux!

Wanna get your own Linux server? Visit https://www.linode.com/linuxexperiment for a 100$ credit ! Get your Linux desktop or laptop here: https://slimbook.es/en/ Today, we’re going to cover a few mistakes that … Read More

KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS: refinements and improvements, but nothing game changing

KDE Plasma has a new release out: Plasma 5.18 LTS. As its name indicates, its a long term support version, which will be supported for 2 years. It should be … Read More