GitOps Guide to the Galaxy (E44) | Looking back on 31 years of Linux

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Unreal Engine 5. Круги кодового ада. Blaster Multiplayer Game. Code review курса с Udemy.

Сode-review проекта Blaster Multiplayer Game. В видео смотрим исходный код, применяем best practices по улучшению кода, производим рефакторинг, устраняем code smells. Мой курс «Unreal Engine — полное руководство по разработке … Read More

Install Docker Desktop on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

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Linux CLI in 60 Seconds – ping

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SaltStack salt-ssh quickstart

SaltStack’s salt-ssh command provides agentless management of remote systems over SSH. This video walks you through quickly setting up a new system to use salt-ssh.

Awesome WM First Install | Building My Arch Linux OS | Episode 4

In this episode, I attempt to install Awesome WM. I want to move from a desktop environment to a tiling window manager because it uses less resources and comes with … Read More