POSTAL: Brain Damaged Demo – Steam Play | Gameplay Well I’ll be damned. POSTAL is now a Boomer Shooter?! POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a spin-off taking the most outrageous FPS series of all time into a different, skill-based, … Read More

Compiling Latest Godot Engine on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint)

A short video demonstrating how you can get the latest version of Godot Engine on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint). No more will you have to wait for a “stable” build in … Read More

Cultic Demo – Linux – Steam Play | Gameplay

proton-GE 6.15-2 Somehow GPU isn’t utlized enough. Runs with proton 6.3-6 and experimental also, but performance is almost half of proton-GE. —- Mastodon: Twitter: Website: —- Recorded … Read More

Monomyth Demo – Linux – Steam Play | Gameplay

Sorry for audio issues. Recorded 45 min of footage without noticing OBS doing weird stuff with the audio. proton-experimental works with proton 6.3-6 as well. —- Mastodon: Twitter: … Read More

Tormented Souls Demo – Steam Play | Gameplay

proton 6.3-6 —- Mastodon: Twitter: Website: —- Recorded with:OBS (nvfbc+nvenc 1440p60, CQP 17, Preset Max Quality) Edited with: kdenlive (x264/mp4, 1440p60, Quality 15/Audio 192kbps) Intro: by user … Read More

Unreal 2: The Awakening (Special Edition) | Linux 🐧 | d3d8to9 + DXVK | openSUSE Tumbleweed 🦎

– Download d3d8to9 and place it next to Unreal2.exe – Unreal2 exe is located at INSTALL-PATH/singleplayer/System/ – Open WineCFG and set d3d8.dll to native + build-in – Enable DXVK – … Read More

Customising Grub Boot Menu in Ubuntu with Grub Customizer

Tutorial on how to Customise GRUB using Grub-Customizer which provides a nice easy way of: Changing Grub menu entries, Removing MemTest 86+ from the list, Changing Default Entry Selection (e.g. … Read More