The Dark Side of Matrix – Doxxing, Mod Abuse, And Door Threats

The biggest irony that I can personally account for, is the same cards these people keep playing. One day they are complaining about big tech collecting their personal information, the … Read More

My Top 5 Picks for GTK+ Dark Themes for Ubuntu

Checking out my top 5 picks for gtk+ dark themes for ubuntu 20.04! в—‹в—‹в—‹ LINKS в—‹в—‹в—‹ juno – equilux – nordic – Dracula – в—‹в—‹в—‹ SHOP … Read More

Instalar – Darkest dungeon v24839 – Linux Nativo

в–„пё»М·Мїв”»Мїв•ђв”ЃдёЂ (o.o) Informacion – Video Nuevo: Tutorial – Este programa se llama: Darkest dungeon – Tipo de Video: Tutorial – Subido por: GNULucasGamer -PAGINA WEB DE MineGNU Server (Server … Read More

Monomyth Demo – Linux – Steam Play | Gameplay

Sorry for audio issues. Recorded 45 min of footage without noticing OBS doing weird stuff with the audio. proton-experimental works with proton 6.3-6 as well. —- Mastodon: Twitter: … Read More

Batman Arkham Knight on Linux | Ubuntu 20.04 | Steam Play

Batman Arkham Knight running through Steam Play on Linux. As mentioned, it just works. Little bit of stuttering due to the Shader cache which fixes itself in the long run. … Read More

Resident Evil 2 on Linux | Ubuntu 20.04 | Steam Play

Resident Evil 2 running through Steam Play on Linux. As mentioned, it just works! Using Proton Version 6.3-5 Steam : Humble : Twitch : Twitter:!/jakejw93 Facebook … Read More

Roblox Shadow assassin outfits (No music)гЂђBOED_YTгЂ‘

※看简体中文者请这里滑鼠右键选单翻译哦!(支援游览器:Google Chrome) ===========English========= вњ…I want to buy 1.Red Tattoo Muscle Bandages (5R)/0:29 2.Dual Bandages (left lower) (5R)/0:29 3.Wasteland Strider Bandolier (40R)/0:32 4.Tactical Grappling Hook (50R)/0:40 5.Black … Read More

Penumbra: Overture Running On Linux (Gentoo) Native (HD)

Title: Penumbra: Overture (Linux Native Version) Operating System: Gentoo Linux AMD64 Recording Software: ffmpeg’s x11grab This is Penumbra: Overture under Gentoo Linux running natively. It is the first part in … Read More