Debian Lépésről-lépésre (DLL) – 04 | Parancssoros (CLI) környezet

Ebben a videóban egy kicsit a CLI (Command Line Interpreter), azaz parancsooros környezettel ismerkedünk meg. Megtudjuk, mi a terminál, illetve, hogy mik azok a parancsok. Megismerkedünk a parancsok általános szerkezetével … Read More

W3M Links Hinting Mode (Vimium Style) – Linux TUI make #w3m do link hinting mode like #vimium ; it will auto hide the link numbers after hotkey is pressed #w3m #webbrowser #linux #commandline #tui #textuserinterface

Convert A Cheap Barracuda Networks Device Into A Docker Host

#Docker #Debian #Linux #BudgetComputing Full steps can be found at The Hardware The device I used in this video is a Barracuda Networks BFS200a I picked up used for … Read More

what is inode in linux | #inode #linux #linuxtraining #rhcsa #ansibletraining #linuxtips #ubuntu

An inode is a data structure in UNIX operating systems that contains important information pertaining to files within a file system. When a file system is created in UNIX, a … Read More

Como instalar o git no Debian e derivados: Ubuntu…

Como instalar o git (cliente de linha de comando apenas) no Debian e derivados: Ubuntu, Amarok Linux, LMDE… e derivados do Ubuntu: Linux Mint, Pop OS, elementary OS… Vamos instalar … Read More

Configuration DNS and Users Debian 7.8

IT Realm Konfigurasi DNS Server basic at debian 7.8. Create bulk users semi-auto. Facebook Music 1-Track Name: Adventures – A Himitsu Video Link:

How to Install Ubuntu Server 22.04 in Virtualbox

How to Install Ubuntu Server 22.04 in Virtualbox Hi guys, welcome to my channel Fathir Habib, in this video I will show you how to install ubuntu server 22.04 in … Read More

Should You Ever Replace Core Linux Utils & Software?

There’s so many fun pieces of software out there and some of that software is designed to replace standards especially some of the unix standards but should you actually use … Read More

How to Make Dedicated WOWNERO Miner. (Debian/Ubuntu) NOOB friendly?!

I created this small project to (learn rust&) make it faster to set up my miners. Github Link: WOWlet Link: become root (su -) install sudo and git … Read More

Nmcli – Modern Cli Network Manager for linux | Manage networks more effectively 😀

Nmcli is a cli tools for managing networks like connecting , disconnecting , creating connections and more stuffs related to networking on linux its really amazing comparison to ifconfig or … Read More