[Debug: FM WebSocket 2.0] Ubuntu Webcam to Web Browser Testing

It’s a quick webcam sharing demo on Ubuntu. It streams Ubuntu’s webcam to Web browser. Asset Store: https://u3d.as/2Q8Q Forum: https://forum.unity.com/threads/670270/ FMETP STREAM is a plugin for Unity3D, which simplifies the … Read More

Emmabuntüs DE4 1.01 Installation And First Look | Debian 11.2 Bullseye Based Distro | XFCE & LXQt DE

In This Video We Are Discussing About Patrick d’Emmabuntüs has announced the release of an updated build of Emmabuntüs DE4 1.01, a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution designed primarily for old … Read More

NetBox – Open Source Network Design and Mapping Software from homelab to network engineers.

======== LINKS ======== Show Notes https://shownotes.opensourceisawesome.com/ NetBox Documentation https://docs.netbox.dev/en/stable/ NetBox-Docker Github https://github.com/netbox-community/netbox-docker NetBox Demo Site https://demo.netbox.dev/ Digital Ocean Affiliate Link https://m.do.co/c/a6a61ae55242 Support my Channel and ongoing efforts through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=234177 … Read More

Technology CheatSheet On Browser With Duckduckgo 2022_06_23_14:16:09

In this video, you will see, that the Duckducgo search engine is having a wonderful cheat sheet to provide technology-specific commands and information. #linux #searchengine #duckduckgo #linuxadmin #sysadmin #opensource #Gentoo … Read More

How to installed ubuntu 22 00 os in virtual machine in windows 11 os #ubuntu #virtual machine #how

How to installed ubuntu 22 00 os in virtual machine in windows 11 os #ubuntu #virtual machine #how

How To Install Zabbix Server On Ubuntu 18.04

How To Install Zabbix Server On Ubuntu 18.04 Now I want to share how to install zabbix server 4.0 on your ubuntu 18.04 server. 👉 https://technologyrss.com/install-zabbix-server-ubuntu-18-04/ #How_To_Install #Zabbix_Server #Ubuntu_18 Configure … Read More

Digital Privacy ▶ Is QubesOS the Solution?

#linux #security #privacy I check out the Linux distribution QubesOS, which is touted as being the perfect OS for those who are privacy/security conscious. Let’s take a look… In the … Read More