Szyszka – A Bulk File Rename Tool Written in Rust

In this video I review Szyszka Free Open Source Bulk File rename tool written in Rust.

Download Szyszka

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48 thoughts on “Szyszka – A Bulk File Rename Tool Written in Rust

  1. i really like those mass rename tools that use text editors to do that, i think ranger file manager comes with something like that

  2. Hi, I really want to try out your Gentoo config (using deploygentoo), but I think I'm missing something while installing it. If I partition my drive manually (=chose not to use your preset because I have other partitions that I want to keep) the script doesn't let me choose the boot partition, so I cant boot into it (now I have arch and I'm pretty new to linux, btw, love your content). Thanks in advance for your response!

  3. When I need to bulk rename files, I fire up a windows 7 virtual machine and use Bulk Rename Utility. I am going to look at this because I don't like using win7 if I don't have to.

  4. The sounds 'sz' and 'cz' are almost equivalent to 'sh' and 'ch' in English, but the noise has a lower frequency. Like when you pronounce 'show', try to make the noise of the 'sh' less harsh. You pronounced it pretty well.

  5. Hints for you non-polish guys to figure out our bullshit:

    sz -> sh (as in shampoo)
    cz -> ch (as in check)
    dЕј -> j, dj (as in djent, jam)
    rz, Еј -> r and z at the same time

    Hope it helps!

  6. I usually use a renaming tool to grab folder names, run them through a regex and then apply them to the one file inside the folder. That's a quite common use case with torrents. You know, all the legal videos you download typically just have a long string of random characters as the name, but the folder name has the title, year and some scene info.

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