System Setup & Product Review – Fedora-35 Beta (Out Of The Box Sticky Beak)

In this System Setup & Product Review video, I give Fedora-35 Beta The Old Mate”s Backyard Tech Channel treatment go have an out of the box sticky beak
00:00 – Preface & Introduction
01:48 – Explanation
03:41 – VM Specs and Start Installation
07:01 – Reboot
09:30 – Finish Installation Tasks
10:16 – Let’s Have A Sticky Beak
24:16 – Final Thoughts, Summary & Ending

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8 thoughts on “System Setup & Product Review – Fedora-35 Beta (Out Of The Box Sticky Beak)

  1. There is fedora spins for more lightweight expierence, there also fedora server installation options where you can choose what kinda desktop you want and programs to, i used server install

  2. Fedora update from 34 to 35 broke the system, particularly the one I use Microsoft teams on for various meetings I use for health conditions that I deal with, so it is kind of vital to use it for meetings involving things like anxiety and etc even from Linux.
    Also broke same as on that video you saw as well.

    Time shift on fedora 35 may be buggy as it gives an error of failed to get partition lists. Although it sees the volumes and sub-volumes and mine were set as @ and @other volumes.

  3. i can't see anybody really like default gnome , but with a bunch of extension u ccan add to it .. it can be quite useful… though the reason i like ubuntu releases is that they make it a more nicer expereince with gnome 40 compared to fedora, but i don't know i think fedora is amazing system its just really buggy for the stuff i used with my system, but its ok maybe the next time around ill go back on fedora, but im more a debian guy to be fair.

  4. side note if u leave it default the layout for btrfs won't work right with timeshift .. though u can use it with rsync umm… workstation edition is gnome by default always have been.. theres fedora spins u can grab though i mean i think they still have it ? nah its a slow installation even on ssd…. i find ubuntu is faster and better personally.

  5. i didn't unsubcribed i think it was an older gmail youtube account i had that i no longer used back in the day …. anyhow yeah imma not pleased with fedora 35 that said i dont find it's a bad system though all my computers i have up and running now using ubuntu 21.10 🙂 more videos to come and as always great video old mate 🙂 i honestly not a fanboy on distros anymore though i still like fedora, but i can't used it now or at least not right now its not helping my anxiety lol.

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