Switching to Arch Linux | Part 1 | 10 Day Challenge

This is Day 1 of the Switching to Arch Linux 10 Day Challenge. Right off the bat… if you are trying this just download Manjaro because this install process would be a nightmare for something not technically inclined. However, I am really starting to turn that corner after getting over the initial installation and configuration.

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21 thoughts on “Switching to Arch Linux | Part 1 | 10 Day Challenge

  1. Ever since I dived into Linux as part of my IT Networking course at TAFE (in Australia) last year, where they taught us to use CentOS, I've been tumbling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of Linux… researching so many different distros, looking for what I can do for gaming, what I can do for a distraction free writing machine so I can get my other career as a novelist off the ground and minimise procrastination…

    Where I'm at now… mastering Arch Linux is my long term goal. So much freedom to be had in that distro… but that freedom definitely comes at a cost of taking the time to figure it all out.

  2. Now I am kind of afraid xD
    I don't have much Linux experience, but as my notebook was unable to install ubuntu or manjaro, I ended up having a friend install arch. Guess I'll be trowing myself into icewater tomorrow xD

  3. I have installed arch and I hated it. You have to install everything yourself. Why go through all of that and manjaro exists. It was annoying. Back to debian 10 ftw

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