Sony Is Bringing A Lot More PlayStation Exclusives To PC, and That's Exciting!

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24 thoughts on “Sony Is Bringing A Lot More PlayStation Exclusives To PC, and That's Exciting!

  1. The fanboys are upset because they realize that if their exclusives come to pc, they will lose "bragging rights" for said game, and they will be stuck with the inferior version

  2. I would love to have: Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, The Infamous Series, Until Dawn, Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us for the PC. I have bought and played Horizon Zero Dawn…. really enjoyed it and have yet to play Death stranding and Days Gone.

  3. I honestly wonder if all playstation games get ported to PC will the Sony fanboys start calling all them shit? I mean It would be pretty funny if TLOUS 2 comes to PC and they do complete U turn on it, even though they have beem singing that game's praises since the day it got announced.🤔

  4. I'd like Shadow Of The Colossus on the PC.
    I believe that Sony will bring their more niche exclusives on the PC first and then they'll start bringing the big guns.

  5. You would be missing out if you didn't give Days Gone a shot, now that's a quality game. In lots of regards it's similar to Mad Max and borrows from it's formula quite a bit, economizing your fuel and upgrading your bike f.e. If you put it on hard it's actually challenging for a good chunk of time. I was skeptical, had my doubts but it turned to be a great game.

  6. Gravity Rush 1 and 2 would be the only exclusives I'll buy again day 1 if they release on PC. They didn't do so well sales-wise, so putting them on PC would make sense!

  7. it's exciting indeed. Tho it's weird that many are upset about it. Maybe they didn't know that PS Exclusive Games are ported to PC since the PS1 Era (Nuclear Strike, Mass Destruction, Wipeout 2097, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Breath of Fire, Lifeforce Tenka, Driver, etc…)
    On Top of that, the more time moved on the less Exclusives each Gen had.
    PS2 – 4600 Games in Total. Over 2300 Exclusives
    PS4 – Over 2500 Games in Total. 68 Exclusives. Yes 68
    PS5 – it wouldn't surprise me if it has 50 Exclusives at max, by it's EoL.

  8. Yes, you are correct. Sony owns the Death Standing IP. As soon as Death Stranding came to PC along with HZD, I knew what time it was. It makes sense for PlayStation games to be on PC, I mean Sony cares about profits and now there have the protentional to earn a bigger profit, or more revenue. I was planning on buying a PS5 next year to play a few exclusives like God of War, but now I'll just wait for those games to come to PC. Even if I have to wait 2 or 3 years, I'm fine waiting. I have a big backlog backlog that will probably take me years to complete.

    The PlayStation fanboys make me laugh. I showed a little bit of excitement about hopefully being able to play God of War 2018 on PC, and I was called a port-begger lol. Anyway, as soon as God of War and other big PlayStation exclusives get announced for PC with a release date, is the day that PlayStation fanboys will lose their minds.

  9. I honestly cant think of a negative here. More games available to more people. Would probably never happen but I'd like to see the Fire Emblem games come to pc. I think they'd be well received.

  10. I think the PS4 ports should be quite straight forward. The PS5 games might require more effort to port due to the IO with the SSD on PS5 for games that take advantage of that.

  11. Most of Sony's exclusives suck IMO. Give me Bloodborne and I'll be happy. Demon's Souls remake would be nice, but the original PS3 version can already be easily emulated at 4K60, and even has some advantages over the remake.

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