Something Sinister Below Deck | LINUX Unplugged 415

Could the Steam Deck mean fewer native Linux games? We chat with prolific game developer Ethan Lee and get his perspective on the negative impacts of the Deck.

Plus, our thoughts on how Valve might successfully ship Arch to consumers, a batch of feedback, and more.

00:00:00 Pre-show
00:02:15 Intro
00:04:01 Solving Trip Troubles
00:13:22 Proton Problems
00:40:36 Thoughts on Deck
00:45:31 Feedback
01:03:32 Housekeeping
01:05:06 Picks
01:07:24 Outro
01:09:06 Post-show

Show Notes & Download:

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One thought on “Something Sinister Below Deck | LINUX Unplugged 415

  1. Don't worry about it, proton brings along Linux adoption, along adoption native ports will follow once the open market moved into a direction. You need longer time horizons for such big tasks.

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