Should we buy Artesian Builds?

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38 thoughts on “Should we buy Artesian Builds?

  1. Linus,bro..plz Stop naming Everything with your name sir))))
    This can slide yo a Point… but then it Inevitably will start hurting your name lol
    Much Love Sir

  2. People in the comments still on this topic and angry that they don't understand. They filed for bankruptcy. None of that money is going to Artesians owners. That money is to pay up their debts.

  3. 0:33, I agree that you really shouldn't buy them but that point is invalid I feel like. The very fact that they have that legacy and reputation would make it kinda awesome in a good will kind of way. Treat their customers (and "fans"?) like Artesian should have.

    But then again no. I don't think that kind of business is what LTT should be doing. There are already so many good places to go to if you want someone to build your pc for you and also you don't have infinite capacity to focus on everything. Before starting building custom pc:s there's probably hundreds of better things you could be doing.

    I'd really like more non gamer videos. I'm here for the computer nerd stuff and rarely watch the videos aimed for the "ROG crowd". Anthony is the best thing that's happened to LTT.

    Honestly sometimes I'm bothered by the fact that you're clearly targeting kids and giving them the impression that "everyone is buying [whatever]" and stuff – as if most aren't watching on 10+ year old desktops. I want to believe it's just you guys having become a bit detached from reality. Like I get it, that's where the money is. But you're encouraging so much e waste it's insane. And I'm getting a head ache just thinking of having kids and them starting to watch LTT. I know I would have been a nightmare for my parents had LTT been a thing during the 90's.

    But please more videos for grown ups that much rather have the word beige being used in a video than rgb.

  4. Linus, your name might as well be a company name at this point. I don’t think you have a choice in that matter 🗿

  5. As a master builder … I would go work for this Linus to build custom PCs … I'm the JayzTwo of non-YouTubers … love custom H2O cooling … LSD is a cool name lol

  6. You realize the name "Artesian" is a mistake. They were going for "Artisan". The only meaning I could find for Artesian pertains to wells which don't need a pump.

  7. So back in 2020 I bought and built a PC, bought the NZXT H1, p thankfully mine hasn’t set itself on fire… yet. Furthermore I bought a laser cut wood panel of the planets from Artesian Builds before I knew who they were. What does this have to do with what Linus and co are talking about? Nothing really. I just think looking back at my pc knowing the companies behind them did a poor job.

  8. Why would you buy the business when it has such terrible goodwill and a terrible branding. Business name could be Linus Tech Builds – LTB for short

  9. If Linus bought Arrtesian, he would not inherit the legal obligation to send people these machines. But those assets have NO value because if he thinks he might, so will the forrmer company's customers. Think it's gonna matter whether you genuinely owe them anything or not at that point?

  10. WHALE LAN actually sounds kinda good, it's a name that gets you thinking, what is whale LAN? Is that some kind of new fangled big LAN technology? …Well technically yes, it's a load of people at an event.
    I also second LSD as a name.

  11. Buyers being at the bottom of the list is exactly why, in the UK at least, ALL big purchases should be paid for on Credit Card.

    Any issues like this, the bank just gives you your money back instantly.

  12. Yeah the buyer should do a chargeback, or rather, should have. I did a chargeback and got my money back. Presumably Artesian then owed my bank instead of me.

  13. You should create a go fund me then bid on auction win auction organize fulfillment of already created pcs the ppl that bought the computers it would be a saintly move an you get the additional benefit of all the equipment they had at their facility an then donation any additional funds to whatever charity you like I’m a huge fan of aclu but you may have something you believe in as well just an idea you have all the things needed to pull this off sooo much good press idk I’m just a guy on internet lol love the content keep it up

  14. That's so dumb. Investors/creditors make a shit ton of money in the first place usually. They go into it with the potential risk of losing money.
    Consumers should be protected. They bought a product. If it's literally there, they should get it.
    You don't really buy a product with a reasonable expectation that you won't get what you bought (this is Kickstarter).
    And in this case, the product is literally there. It doesn't belong to the company if it's been paid for by a consumer. How is this even legal?

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