Reduce stress to increase lifespan | David Sinclair and Lex Fridman

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David Sinclair is a geneticist at Harvard and author of Lifespan.

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16 thoughts on “Reduce stress to increase lifespan | David Sinclair and Lex Fridman

  1. You can only truly reduce stress if you keep doing what you feel like doing at any moment but that may give rise to contradictory self-repeating behavior that people who aren't you may not understand.

  2. Stress put me in the hospital at age 24. Intense work schedule (80+hr weeks and constant travel for 2yrs) resulted in high stress situations which led to drinking which led to little or no sleep which led to little exercise which led to an overall unhealthy lifestyle all led up to an exciting trip to the hospital.

  3. Stress, or dis empowering stress, is simply You not Accepting What Is! This is always disempowering for You, and that is all that Mental Stress is, so whether it is super intense Stress or less Intense Stress, it will affect Your Wellbeing, and over a long period of time, and with this in multiple situations going on, affect your Longevity. So don't reduce Stress, eliminate it by Accepting Totally What is, that does not mean you like it as it is, you are just Accepting it as it is, then no stress will happen at all! From that you will have Peace as a constant Experience, underlying your Total Being, which is the foundation of Wellbeing on all levels! James

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