RAMPART GOT BUFFED?! Apex Legends Season 10 Tier List – WORST to BEST (Best Legends)

Hey! Thanks for clicking on this video! Can we get 15 likes? Thanks! Since I knew Respawn was going to nerf Seer and buffs to Rampart and other legends, I decided to do this video now instead of before! (Click More!)

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Timestamps if yall want to skip thru the video 🌚
0:00 Intro! Like & Subscribe 🙂
1:18 How we doing this tier list
1:42 D Tier Legends
2:31 C Tier Legends
6:50 B Tier Legends
13:06 A Tier Legends
19:12 S Tier Legends
24:42 Outro! Thx 4 Watching! 🙂

This my first time ever grinding like this and someday
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